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how to fix gel coat

Best answer Soak a soft,clean cloth in Marine Polytrol and wipe onto the gelcoat,remembering to wipe off the excess liquid as quickly as possible. (Failure to do so may result in a patchy and uneven appearance). Gently shine the gelcoat with a lint-

can i use nail glue as a top coat

Best answer Yes, you can use a gel top coat as clear gel polish. There is no clear gel polish. If you just want a clear gel polish look on your nails, here is what you can do: Prepare your nail surface the same way you do colors. Apply one layer of

how to repair powder coated outdoor furniture

People also ask How hard is it to remove powder coating from furniture? If the original job was properly prepared, it will be difficult to remove a powder-coated finish. One coat of powder is roughly equivalent to three or four coats of paint. Some

how to skim coat basement walls

Best answer How do you skim coat a basement wall?Spread the cement onto the wall,using the flat side of the trowel to smooth the cement. Remove excess cement using the edge of the trowel in a scraping motion. Apply a thick enough coat to cover the s